Sunday, January 16, 2011

artist 1.1

victor matthews

i was introduced to the work of victor matthews in the summer of 2010 at wendt gallery in laguna beach, ca. i feel in love. victor matthew lives and works in new york city. his alter ego series captivated my attention and i honestly didn't know if i could leave the gallery without one. the gallery owner, joseph manqueros, patiently and carefully explained the life and work of victor. it only made me fall harder. to tell a story, to illustrate your life so simply but to be dynamic at the same time is a gift. victor has already developed quite a following and an impressive list of collectors. we came so close to having this huge piece below delivered to our home. joseph made us promise two things. one, we would have to agree to be filmed for a documentary produced by russell simmons in our home. i immediately starting worrying about what i'd wear and composing my monologue. second, we would have to write a thank you letter to the gallery. i was totally in. we visited the piece several times before we came to our senses. sad, sad senses.
manhattan, 2010

untitled, 1988

mountain city, 2010

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