Sunday, January 16, 2011

inspiration 1.1

2011 is my year.

i have decided to take a break from my 5 years of pregnancy and to do something, anything, everything i can to create beauty at home and in life for myself, my family and maybe for you. i want to focus on art, design and creativity. i am a visual person and a visual learner. at this point in my life my visual bent has translated into a general affinity for aesthetics. who knew that the philosophy of aesthetics course i took in college would be calling me back now. so often i am bombarded with inspiration, but rarely have a chance to jot down any ideas. no more. a creative outlet is a necessity - originality in the truest sense is my goal.

the first thing that inspired me this year was the new years resolution email from 1stdibs. many of you i am sure received this email, but did you read it? so thoughtful, so creative. not the usual diet and exercise promises. i respect and relate to these resolutions. spoken by icons who's careers i dream of.

my hope is to blog inspiration, artists i love, color combinations i am into, photography, design problems and solutions.

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